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Our web app experts can create bespoke applications to meet the requirements of your business or new venture

At Orthogonality, we use our years of experience to create highly performing web applications for clients across a variety of niches. Using various technologies, including JavaScript and React.js, we design, engineer, and implement the type of web apps that your customers need to maximise their user experience, and your staff need to boost their productivity.

By working alongside Orthogonality, you’ll be on the path to boosting your client journey, increasing customer numbers, and raising conversion rates, all for a sensible price and quick turnaround. If you’re looking for a reliable web development company with huge amounts of expertise, Orthogonality is the perfect choice.

If you want to find out more about our web app development services, why not get in touch today? Either call us on 01223 969445 or send us an email via [email protected].


Web App Development Services

We offer an all-encompassing app development service, taking you from the initial design stage to the implementation and maintenance of your finished application. Our goal is to exceed your expectations every step of the way, delivering a final product that is functional, attractive, and genuinely helpful to both your clients and your business.

Responsive Web Applications

Every mobile web application we design and create is responsive. This means that that they respond to the device being used, adapting to fit the display perfectly, as any modern technology user would expect.

This means everyone gets the best possible experience, regardless of whether they’re using an iOS smartphone, an Android tablet, or anything else. You’ll won’t leave any potential client behind when you work with us.

Expert Design and Creation

We employ highly experienced designers, with the knowledge needed to plan your perfect app, regardless of the industry you operate in. While designing, our experts will carefully consider your overall brand, creating an attractive design that fits your company’s ethos. UX will also be a huge consideration, ensuring clients can use your mobile app with ease.

Once designed, our team works expertly on the creation of your app. They focus on creating an app that will be secure, sustainable, and fast, utilising a wide range of tools, including React.js, JavaScript, Python, Node.js and Swift, to complete the job perfectly.

Expert Platform Integration

Once your web application has been created and thoroughly tested, we will then carry out a seamless integration with your various platforms, including your CMS. We’ll concentrate on creating a framework that allows for streamlined processes, minimising work, and maximising effectiveness.

We use something called the CI/CD pipeline to deliver all new apps we’ve created. This ensures the safe deployment of your app. Once your app is up and running, we can provide regular maintenance and troubleshooting, to make sure your app is always working perfectly.

Web Applications Development FAQs

Got a question you need answering about our web application development services? If so, look below at our FAQs. Not found the answer you need? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to give you an honest and accurate answer with a minimum of jargon.
What technologies are used for app development?

We use a variety of technologies for app development and our team members are experts in their own fields. We make use of JavaScript to create dynamic content, React.js for building user interfaces, as well as many more advanced and powerful technologies capable of creating the high-quality apps our clients demand.

How much does it cost to build an app?

This is entirely dependent on several factors, including the complexity and scope of the app you require. Please speak to us about your requirements and we’ll provide a fair and accurate quotation for the development of your web application.

How long does web application development take?

Once again, this really depends on the scope of your project – the more complex the requirements, the longer the app development process will take. Contact us today and we’ll first understand your requirements, before then coming up with a delivery estimate.

What types of web apps does Orthogonality offer?

We offer web applications of many varieties, including e-commerce, SaaS, finance, education, and healthcare. All apps we create are responsive, ensuring they work perfectly will all modern smartphones and tablets.

Does Orthogonality offer ongoing maintenance and support?

Yes, we do. Please speak to a member of our team to find out how we can help with the maintenance of your web application and any problems that might unexpectedly arise.

Are you thinking about the development of a web application for your business? Regardless of the type of app you envision, we’re here to help, and have successfully provided high-quality applications to clients from all over the world. Why not speak to a team member today, by calling 01223 969445 or emailing via [email protected]?
Orthogonality is based in UK and Greece.
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Orthogonality is based in UK and Greece.
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