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Learn to painlessly create user interfaces when you receive ReactJS training from the team at Orthogonality.

React.js, developed by Facebook, is an open-source JavaScript library, primarily used for building user interfaces based on components. It requires significantly less code than JavaScript, making it a valuable tool for those looking to quicken their workflow without having to sacrifice quality.

At Orthogonality, we’re ReactJS experts. We offer React training for all levels, from complete novices to those looking to learn more advanced skills. We teach using a combination of theory and practice and endeavour to make lessons as enjoyable as possible, while also providing a professional environment conducive to learning.


Learn ReactJS to unlock exciting career opportunities and stay ahead of the curve in the fast-paced world of web development.

We can tailor your ReactJS training to suit your exact needs, plus we can offer both 1-to-1 training and group sessions. When you learn with Orthogonality, you’ll get to find out about all aspects of React, including:

  • React components
  • Programming in React.js
  • Rendering elements
  • Event handling
  • References
  • Conditional rendering
  • Controlled and uncontrolled components

While we can tailor your training to suit your level of experience, it is important to have a solid grounding in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, ES6, Git, and CLI. If you need to learn about any of these subjects, we’d be more than happy to teach you.

When you choose Orthogonality for your software development training, you can be sure you’re being taught by professionals with real-world experience in using React.js in real client projects. This practical experience allows them to have an extra layer of knowledge, which they’ll look to impart to you and anyone else taking React.js training with Orthogonality.


Investing in learning ReactJS can open doors to exciting job opportunities, higher salaries, and career advancement in the rapidly evolving field of web development.

There are several reasons why you should spend some time getting to know React.js, but the biggest is the fact that it brings a huge range of features to enhance the way in which you work. What’s more, these features can make a huge difference to the quality of your work, impressing bosses, co-workers, and clients.

You’ll also find that learning React is a fantastic way to save time, allowing applications to be created faster. This is thanks to the many open-source tools and APIs available to those using React.js, which negates the need to build many components.

What’s more, you’ll find the learning curve of React JS to not be particularly steep. While there can be some challenging elements, the syntax and structure of React.js are like JavaScript, so anyone with a working knowledge of JavaScript can transfer this over to React.js.

Finally, React is a skill in demand. You’ll find employers throughout the country looking for candidates with skills in React.js, and if you’re self-employed, you’ll find many new clients who need React experts.

If you’re looking for React training, Orthogonality can help. Our knowledgeable tutors have taught a wide range of students how to use this powerful tool, so why not call or email today to find out more about React.js training?

Learning ReactJS is not just a smart investment of your time and effort – it’s a wise move that can yield significant rewards. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, mastering ReactJS is a game-changer that can take your career to new heights. Here are the top reasons why learning ReactJS is a smart investment:

  1. High Demand: ReactJS is one of the most in-demand frameworks in the industry. Its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, and it’s being used by some of the biggest tech companies in the world, such as Facebook, Airbnb, and Netflix. This means that mastering ReactJS can open doors to exciting job opportunities, higher salaries, and career advancement.
  2. Versatility: ReactJS is a versatile framework that can be used for a wide range of projects, from building simple web applications to creating complex user interfaces. It’s a great choice for building dynamic, interactive, and responsive web applications, and it’s compatible with other popular technologies like Node.js, Redux, and GraphQL.
  3. Developer-Friendly: ReactJS is developer-friendly and easy to use, even for beginners. Its simple syntax, modular structure, and powerful features make it a joy to work with, and its vast community of developers provides excellent support and resources.
  4. Reusability: ReactJS makes it easy to reuse code, components, and modules across different projects, which can save developers time and effort. This means that once you’ve learned ReactJS, you can apply your skills to a variety of projects and make your work more efficient.
  5. Future-Proof: ReactJS is constantly evolving and improving, which means that it’s a framework that’s built for the future. By learning ReactJS, you’ll be investing in a technology that’s likely to remain relevant and in demand for years to come.

In summary, learning ReactJS is a smart investment that can pay off in numerous ways. It’s a versatile, developer-friendly framework that’s in high demand, and mastering it can open doors to exciting job opportunities and career advancement. So why not start learning ReactJS today and take the first step towards a brighter future?

Choose Orthogonality for your ReactJS training to gain a comprehensive and practical understanding of the framework, with experienced instructors and a personalised approach tailored to your learning goals.
Orthogonality is based in UK and Greece.
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Orthogonality is based in UK and Greece.
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