We help our clients make the most of Amazon Web Services - the world’s largest cloud services provider.

We specialise in the implementation and ongoing management of your AWS cloud infrastructure. Our UK and Europe-based team has experience in all aspects of AWS development, deployment and maintenance and will work towards the ongoing improvement of your AWS cloud infrastructure, while consciously driving down costs associated with your usage.

When you work alongside Orthogonality, you’ll be working with a fully certified Amazon Consulting Partner. Our unrivalled AWS knowledge allows us to proactively monitor and improve your AWS installation, preventing problems before they arise, and not simply reacting to them after the event.

If you’d like to discuss our AWS consultancy service further, please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 01223 96 9445, or alternatively, email us via our contact form.


AWS Consultancy Services Available

We offer a comprehensive AWS consultancy service, supporting you from the initial planning stages onwards. Our goal is to ensure your AWS cloud infrastructure complements your organisation’s goals perfectly, regardless of the scale of your business or your industry sector.

AWS Planning and Architecture

Our AWS engineers will work closely with you to understand your exact needs, evaluating everything from your specific data storage requirements to expected number of users. A fully comprehensive architecture will then be designed by our experts, bespoke to your company.

We believe that comprehensive planning helps to ensure the effective rollout and ongoing maintenance of your AWS cloud infrastructure. Therefore, we’ll work tirelessly during this initial phase, building the bedrock of your overall AWS cloud set-up.

Migration to AWS Infrastructure

Once the planning and architecture have been carried out, we’ll move onto the migration of your applications and databases to your new AWS infrastructure. There are several strategies for migration, including rehosting and replatforming, and we’ll carry out extensive work to determine which is best for your needs. We have several years of experience in migrating infrastructure and data to the AWS cloud, ensuring a safe and efficient transfer, designed to cause the least possible disruption to your organisation or business.

Before we start the migration, we will create backups of all data. Our AWS engineers will also thoroughly test the entire infrastructure before and after migration, ensuring it performs optimally from the outset.

Ongoing AWS Support

Our ongoing AWS support is designed to ensure your infrastructure is continually meeting the needs of your organisation or business. We’ll regularly review your overall use of the AWS cloud and make alterations and amendments as necessary, plus we’ll constantly be on-call should any unexpected problems arise.

Our ongoing support will also ensure that the integrity and security of your infrastructure remains intact. Regular patches and updates to your AWS cloud infrastructure will also be implemented to ensure the AWS cloud is working in the optimal way for you.

AWS Consulting FAQs

Do you have a question about our AWS cloud consultancy service, or about AWS in general? If so, take a look through the FAQs below. If you still can’t find the answer you need, please don’t hesitate to call and speak with a team member.
What is AWS?

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. It is the world’s most widespread cloud platform, used by businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes. It is a leader in the development and implementation of exciting new cloud technologies, as well as one of the world’s most secure and reliable cloud services.

How will my business benefit from AWS infrastructure?

The AWS cloud has become an industry leader for several reasons. It offers an exceptionally cost-effective solution for companies, providing the architecture has been designed to be efficient, plus it can be extremely secure. Scalability is also a factor for many clients, and professional design allied with prior planning will ensure that architecture can grow with a business or organisation.

Can I implement an AWS infrastructure without professional help?

The AWS cloud is exceptionally complex and therefore it is not possible for someone without experience to plan, implement or maintain AWS infrastructure. Instead, it is necessary to engage the services of an AWS professional who has completed extensive training concerning AWS, such as us here at Orthogonality.

How much is the AWS consultancy service?

Every client has different needs, meaning that we can’t offer a one size fits all approach to our AWS consulting service. In order to provide an accurate, bespoke quote for AWS consultancy, we’ll first speak with you in-depth, to understand exactly what your organisation requires and the best ways to achieve your goals. However, we can assure you that we offer competitive prices in line with the expertise and time required to provide the most effective AWS consulting service.

How is my sensitive data protected?

AWS can provide a secure, robust infrastructure if all best practices are followed. In addition, there are hundreds of effective security solutions available to help customers with security and compliance. What’s more, our AWS engineers are professionally trained and highly experienced in optimising the security of your AWS cloud infrastructure.

Are you considering the implementation of the AWS cloud within your business structure? Or are you currently working with other AWS cloud consulting company and want to make a change to a more professional, knowledgeable team of engineers? Regardless of your needs, please feel free to get in touch today, and we’ll endeavour to answer any questions you might have about our AWS cloud consulting service.
Orthogonality is based in UK and Greece.
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Orthogonality is based in UK and Greece.
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