VISUALISE YOUR SOFTWAREBuild Your Own Software Prototype

Prototyping allows limited functionality and users can evaluate the proposed plans for its feasibility.

Looking to create a mobile app or another piece of software? If so, you’ll first need a prototype – a visualisation of your software before it is developed. After all, you wouldn’t build a house without first having blueprints drawn up, so why would you rush ahead with a potentially expensive piece of software development without first knowing what to expect from the end result?

At Orthogonality, we’re experts in the software prototyping process, visualising your design, and providing tangible evidence that the finished product will work optimally. Our expertise has seen us partnering with many international clients, using a variety of techniques, and working with various budgets.

If you’d like to find out more about the software prototyping service we offer here at Orthogonality, please don’t hesitate to call or email us today.

COST EFFICIENCY & CHECK THE MARKET NEEDWhy Hire A Software Prototyping Specialist

Software prototyping is an excellent solution to test the feasibility and capture feedback from early adopters and internal stakeholders in the design phase.

We can’t underline enough the importance of prototyping to the successful development of software. Without it, you’re quite simply stepping into the unknown – relying on luck and judgement to produce a satisfactory end result. When such large sums of money are being invested into a product, you can’t afford to take this risk.

By going through the software prototyping phase, you’ll be able to clearly define your plans. Once the process has been finished, you’ll have something you can show to others working on the project, which will give them a concrete understanding of the desired functionality and aesthetics of the end result. You’ll also have something to show to potential customers, gauging their reactions before deciding to move into the software development phase.

Software prototyping is also essential to the creative process. Throughout the time spent creating the prototype, those working on the project can brainstorm and come up with new ideas, that often improve the look and feel of the final piece of software. What’s more, having a prototype allows developers to see whether ideas are good ones, or whether tweaks need to be made to improve the software.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, software prototyping enables you to save both time and money. The software prototyping process can be a reasonably long one, but it helps to prevent most issues from arising later in the project’s life, thus potentially saving far more time than it takes. Money is also saved, as they’ll be no need to rectify expensive mistakes further down the production phase.


Software Prototyping Workflow

How does software prototyping work? Well, so you can see exactly what you’re signing up for, we’ve laid bare our software prototyping workflow below.

Information Collection

We’ll talk at length with you about several aspects of your software proposal, including the software’s desired function. We’ll also ask about colour schemes, corporate branding, and much more. By collating as much information as we can, we’re able to create the best first draft possible, in line with your exact wants and needs.

Initial Development of Prototype

Next, we’ll create an initial prototype, based on the information we’ve been given in the previous step of the journey. This will not be a detailed prototype and will instead often come in the form of a wireframe, which gives an overall view of how the software will work, how it will be structured, and what its overall look will be.

Detailed Prototype Development

If required, we can also make a more detailed prototype for you, which exhibits the functionality desired for the end product. This will allow you to see a more complete view of the proposed software and make more informed decisions on how to move forward. However, it will also add more time to the project and come at an extra cost.

Client Feedback

We will then invite your feedback and spend time with you discussing what you’d like added and removed, and how the functionality and design of the software can be improved. We will also draw on our many years of experience in software prototyping and development to provide our own ideas on how to improve various aspects of the software.

Development of Final Prototype

We will then develop a final prototype, using everything we’ve learned from the previous steps to produce a refined and complete prototype, which you can then take forward to the development phase of the journey. Of course, if you require more changes at this stage, we’ll happily make them and come up with another prototype – we’ll continue doing this for as long as it takes to produce a prototype that meets your exact specifications.

Software Prototyping FAQs

Got a question about software prototyping? If so, take a look at the FAQs below. If you don’t find the answer you need, we’d be happy to help you, so please call or email a member of our team.
How much does software prototyping cost?

As we’re sure you’ll appreciate, software prototyping comes in many different forms, and therefore projects require different amounts of time, as well as differing skillsets. We will speak with you to find out about your project, and we will then be able to provide you with a competitive quote for our services.

How long does software prototyping take?

This is another question that has no exact answer, as the scope of every project differs. Once again, we’ll speak with you to find out as much as we can about your requirements, after which we’ll give you an estimate of how long the entire job will take. Please note: the more information and feedback you provide, the fewer revisions are generally needed, therefore bringing down cost, so we encourage you to work with us closely throughout the prototyping process.

What are the benefits of software prototyping?

There are many benefits to software prototyping, and we’d warn anyone thinking of developing software against not going through an initial prototyping phase. It will usually save both time and money in the long term, plus it allows you to refine and perfect the end product before moving on to the development phase.

As you can see, the prototyping phase is absolutely vital to the development of effective, functional software. At Orthogonality, we have specialist software prototyping professionals with years of experience and the knowledge needed to provide an industry-leading service.
Orthogonality is based in UK and Greece.
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Orthogonality is based in UK and Greece.
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